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About Lifetime Home Support

Hi, my name is Amy Stockberger, a passionate entrepreneur, wife, and mom of two boys, with my high school sweetheart as my husband and business partner. We also share our lives with our golden retriever, Cooper, who is like another soulmate to me.  

We are the founders of multiple successful businesses, including Amy Stockberger Real Estate. Our all-inclusive and innovative Lifetime Home Support™ business model has allowed us to grow a business where over 80% is repeat and referral-based. We’ve been ranked the highest-producing team in our market since 2017 and #53 in the nation in 2024, with a team of fewer than 25 agents, consistently capturing approximately 10% of the market share.

But life wasn’t always this way…


Our Journey

I started in the business over two decades ago. My dad owned a real estate brokerage and hired me as support staff. Since then, I’ve worn many hats: support staff, buyer agent, single agent, team leader, and now broker-owner. 

In 2014, despite having a small but mighty team with happy clients, I noticed a glaring hole in my business that needed fixing. We were scaling, processes were in place, clients were happy and saying they loved us and the experiences we were providing, but I just felt we should have a stronger repeat and referral pipeline. 

We knew that our sphere would always be our biggest lead source and that it cost five times more to acquire a new client than to retain an existing one, which is why we had first-class processes and experiences during the transaction. But that wasn’t enough. If I wasn’t providing first-class services before, during, and forever to my clients, why would they feel compelled to keep me and my team top of mind? Being the local expert at connecting buyers and sellers wasn’t a unique value proposition; it was the basic description of a real estate agent’s job.

 The Revelation

I wanted to create clients for life, before, during, and after their transactions. I needed to create a system and strategy to take care of our clients at each stage of the home buying and selling process—before, during, and forever. 

That’s when I decided to transform real estate into a relationship-first industry… 

Lifetime Home Support™ was born from my vision to prioritize relationships at every stage of the real estate journey. I identified a crucial gap: the industry’s focus on transactions over lifelong client connections. This sparked the creation of a model built on a foundational philosophy: Serve, Serve, Serve—then Sell. This approach aims to elevate the Lifetime Value (LTV) of clients by ensuring they receive exceptional service at every turn.

The Genesis of Lifetime Home Support

Our mission is to cultivate Servepreneurs—agents committed to serving first, ensuring they become indispensable advisors to their clients. By integrating this service-based ethos into our strategy, Lifetime Home Support™ champions a new era in real estate, where agents are valued not just for the transactions they facilitate but for the lasting relationships they build. 

In essence, Lifetime Home Support™ is my call to action for real estate professionals to become irreplaceable through service, transforming every client interaction into a step toward a lifelong partnership, turning them into lifelong referral partners. The Law of Reciprocity at its finest.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower real estate professionals at any stage of their career with the tools, strategies, and support needed to build a business that not only succeeds today but is poised for generational wealth or a lucrative exit. 

In an industry facing so much change and commission compression, it is imperative to not only be the local knowledge broker but also provide a service-based business model. Lifetime Home Support™ ensures you’re equipped to take care of your clients for life, setting you apart in a crowded marketplace.

Join Us

If you’re interested in working with me and my team more closely to experience even further growth, I’d like to invite you to join us. 

Let’s make today a major turning point in your journey as not only an entrepreneur but a Servepreneur. 


Amy Stockberger

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Together, let’s craft a legacy of service, success, and unparalleled client relationships!

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